The Reason for the Season ðŸŒŸ

Friends, I live in India. And quite honestly, it isn’t very Christmassy this time of the year this side of the planet. But as I walk this season out with the Lord, I am reminded by him that He is the reason for the season.

So I reckoned what it must be like for my friends in the family of God in cultures that do celebrate this season in a way that’s nothing short of spectacular.

The gingerbread cookies come out the oven, the sound of carols & hymns hangs in the air, ferry lights and candles light up the space, and the beautifully ornamented Christmas tree looks delightfully inviting.

Yet, as I ponder this, I am sensitised by Jesus to the revelation that each culture comes with its own set of limitations and challenges this season.

Whether its for someone like me where apart from some evening lights, the world seems to go buzzing by; or for someone located where its such a big deal that the busyness of it all threatens to drown out the wonder of the reason for the season; the Good News is that Redemption for both of us is found in one place –

The Person of Jesus.

So whether the season looks bleak or busy for us, I feel like the Lord is encouraging us to find rest & renewal for our souls as we behold the wonder of who He is.

For He is the reason for the season.

He who was, who is and is yet to come.

Christ in us – the hope of glory, is the real Christmas treat & treasure for us, friends. As I dig in and find nuggets that leave me in awe, I am reminded that to be present to His Presence is the truest Christmas present we can present to ourselves and to Him this season 🎁

Letting Him in, and letting His light so shine, I pray!

Wishing you a wonder-full Advent, dear one.

Signed in holy expectation,


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