Raining dew drops

“Let the wind of Your Spirit
collide with the wind in the atmosphere
Till the change I feel on the outside
Is the change I feel in here.”

Wisdom whispers

I clicked this piece of majesty last evening. As marvellous as it is as a part of God’s wonderful creation, it’s branches are too thin.

That may be majesty for the tree, but it’s a revelation for me,

“Don’t spread yourself too thin.”

As a new creation in Christ, we are called to abide in Him as branches that abide in the vine. He is the vine, and we are the branches. He promises that whoever abides in Him, bears much fruit. The beauty is that it happens so organically and naturally that we seldom realise all that we have become in Him through His Spirit, and it takes The Lord to bring tender moments like these to press pause and ponder.

Ponder in wonder as we allow Him to open our eyes to the height and depth, the length and width that we’ve travelled in Him, with Him and through Him.

The broad open space in the Spirit where we explore His Heart and begin to find ourselves, all over again. It’s a space of abiding in Him where when we learn to sit at His feet; He goes to work to make us whole again, alive again, spirited again.

This natural tree may have branches that are thin yet eye catching. But as oaks of righteousness that He calls us to be, I do think it’s important to carve out time and space with Him where He takes us beyond space and time. He gives us eyes to see and ears to hear. He releases healing, wisdom, love, grace and strength. He broadens our vision for what is possible and then gently instills within us the faith to believe Him for it.

But it all happens when we can make peace with a simple yet profound word of wisdom,

“Don’t spread yourself too thin.”

We all have things to do, errands to run and dreams to accomplish. But what if it all boils down to the truth enveloped in the story of Mary and Martha when Jesus came visiting. Martha was worried with all the preparations, Mary just sat at His feet. Something Jesus affirmed saying that Mary had chosen the better portion, a portion that shall not be taken from her.

Jesus is our portion too. We need Him everyday to help us, uphold us, strengthen us, guide us and above all else, love us. When we sit at His feet, the jewels He imparts are so expansive that either the temporal things of this world seamlessly fall into place, or we do. And as we do, we find ourselves more able to steer ourselves through these temporal things in a manner that’s eternally sacred.


Because we have chosen The Better Portion too who makes all things better and perhaps in His own way whispers to us at times we least expect to hear from Him,

“Don’t spread yourself too thin.”


The wait.

“Here’s what I’ve learned through it all:
Don’t give up; don’t be impatient;
be entwined as one with the Lord.
Be brave and courageous, and never lose hope.
Yes, keep on waiting—for he will never disappoint you!”

(Psalm 27:14, The Passion Translation)

How we wait is perhaps as important as what we are waiting upon The Lord for. For waiting upon The Lord is a phase that is purely transitional.

It’s a transit point between where we once were and where we are now headed. It requires a space within us that God cultivates because He is in the business of preparing us for what He has prepared for us. What appears to be a delay is in fact, only a vehicle to affirm us of the truth that as we wait, our answers are only accruing interest. And when He does intervene with a precision probably best described as surgical, we will know what the wait was really all about. We will see for ourselves that if we could turn back time, we wouldn’t want to. Because His timing is just that perfect.

His timing is perfect because His ways that are higher than ours?

Are perfect.

And enshrined within our willingness to wait in obedience to the ways of The Lord is the pristine sound of trust.

I often say that He is a Good Good Father. I say it because He is. And in His goodness, He wants His Children to be spiritually mature enough to trust the process of change and development that is the very purpose behind the wait.

For the wait is where He establishes His nature and character in our lives, which most naturally enables us to express our trust in His naure and character, in turn. Because the truth is that where He is taking us is a place that only a sound enough revelation of who HE is, will sustain us, grow us and prosper us.

One of the things that I have heard Graham Cooke say and have taken to heart is the revelation that as we walk hand-in-hand with The Lord, there is nothing that we will walk through together which will overwhelm us simply because HE is so much bigger. So it’s okay for us to be small because HE is so big.

He knows what lies ahead and goes ahead of us to prepare the way for the joy of a manifested promise. But what if He really is more interested in teaching and enabling us to even walk with joy towards a most joyful outcome?

A joy that stems from both, the simplicity and sanctity of believing.

Believing in the faithfulness of The One who promised and believing in His power to accomplish that which He promised.

“For no word from God will ever fail.”

(Luke 1:37, NIV)

Reason enough to wait. And wait well.

Wait well as He waits upon us too.

He too waits upon us as He patiently brings us to the point of believing. He works with unmatched patience with us to not only believe the infallibility of what He has spoken to us, but even train us to travel with the peace and joy of believing.

If that’s not perseverance, I don’t know what is.

As a people being transformed and conformed to His image, we too are graced to persevere. Persevere with Him as surely as He perseveres with us. For Love always perseveres, Scripture tells us. And as a response of love to Love, it is only natural to find ourselves saying,

“You’ll change the times and seasons, but as You do, grant me the grace to persevere with You.”


The Narrow Way

This noon found me sitting in the sun, reading from Ephesians 1. I was perhaps mid sentence somewhere when I found myself saying,

“Help me believe in You as surely as You believe in me.”

What I find absolutely gorgeous about Jesus is that He believes in us even when we don’t. He trusts us even when we don’t. He walks with us even when we don’t. He doesn’t ever give up. He doesn’t know how to. Worship leader, Kristene DiMarco says it well,

“Even when our hearts are faithless, You’re Faithful.”

I think that beautifully encapsulates the heart of The One whom we have put our hope in. He knows that He asks us to believe Him for the outrageous like only a Good Good Father does because He is confident in His ability to deliver. More often than not, it is us who need to be lovingly brought to the place where we cast every doubt or unbelief aside, and simply say,

“I believe.”

Those two simple words when uttered from the very depths of our hearts move that of The Father. He is very certain about His intentions towards us as those He cherishes at all times, and equally certain about His ability to bring those intentions to pass at the right time and in the right way. My experience tells me that the way He finds right is what we call, “the narrow way.”

For it’s in the narrow way that He brings us closer to His bosom. It’s in the narrow way that there are less distractions and more downloads. It’s in the narrow way that our eyes are on Him because His eyes already are. It’s in the narrow way that our hearts feel His. It’s in the narrow way we discover more of who He is and more of who we are in Him. It’s in the narrow way that He unshackles us and sets us free.

And it’s in the narrow way that we realise, as Christine Caine says, “what is impossible with man is possible with God and with God, all things are possible.”

God, who raised Christ Jesus from the grave and seated him at His right hand, is our Good Good Father. I strongly believe that the work of God is prompted by His Love, and it is a revelation of this Love that gives us the faith to believe.

Believe beyond borders.

For His Love for us that compelled Him to exert His Strength and raise Jesus from the dead is the very same Love that is present with us even today.

That same Love will always compel Him to move in incomprehensible ways on our behalf to fulfil His plans and purposes in and through our lives.

Plans and purposes that are revealed in, “the narrow way.”

This Way, though narrow, has been carved out for us to not just broaden our horizons, strengthen our wings but even give us the courage to soar.

For we were made to soar.

Soar into the great unknown – the great blue skies that beckon us to come forth and take flight. Whether cloudy or clear, we are not daunted anymore simply because the narrow way has prepared us to navigate well. With the vision of an eagle who flies majestically above the storm, we begin to realise just how far we have come.

All because we chose with simple, child like trust to believe in the trustworthiness of, “The Narrow Way,” who not only is The Way to the heart of our Good Good Father, but also promises to make a way for us, every time that we need Him to.

All we need to do is simply believe.


Friends, this is where I have, by His Grace, reached a milestone in what began as a tiny corner to share my story and journey with Jesus. Having made 200 posts, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for each of you who have made it not only possible, but also pleasurable. Every ounce of encouragement and blessing I have received from you makes a difference to me. It matters and always will.

So, this Valentine’s Day, I’m sending much Love and Light your way because at the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, it is this Love and Light which truly matters to us and always will.


Valentine’s Day

We often place quite an emphasis on loving people well. I think that’s fantastic. It’s brilliant. It’s what the world needs.

But we can love others only to the extent that we first, have received the kind of Love that is so pure and so unconditional that it leaves our hearts more softened than ever before, our souls more renewed and our minds at peace. Fully affirmed that there is nothing we can do that will make Him love us more, and there is nothing we can do that can make Him love us less is a truth that once settled deep down on the inside of us radically changes us.

It changes the way we view Him. It changes the way we view ourselves. It changes the way we view our world.

For His Love is based on who HE is, not on who we are. This is what sets us free from the need to perform to be accepted or validated. For we are perfectly accepted in Him. We are treasured. We are precious. We are honoured in His eyes.

As we begin to experience the layers of this Love on a daily basis, our most organic response would be to love ourselves just the way He does for He calls us, “fearfully and wonderfully made.”


That’s who we are.

With all of our kinks, quirks, flaws and idiosyncrasies – if that is who He says we are, then it settles it.

Doesn’t it?

And it settles us. It settles us so beautifully that slowly we find ourselves moved in our hearts to want to spread gentle glimmers of such love to those that are around us.

And that changes everything.

It speaks to our loved ones about their intrinsic worth and value too. It speaks to them that they are valued and cherished just the way they are. It speaks to them that they matter.

And if you really think about it, isn’t that what it’s all about?

This Valentine’s Day, I hope and pray that we foremost learn to receive the Love of God till it seeps into the deepest crevices of our souls. I hope and pray that His Love will renew the way we love ourselves. I hope and pray that as we love ourselves, we will find ourselves morph into more loving versions of ourselves that spill over into the lives of those that God has placed us in the midst of.

Because His Love changes everything.

Slowly, but surely.

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!