As we have crossed over the second Sunday of Advent, I couldn’t have come across a more beautiful song that paints a pristine picture of the very reason we have a song to sing,

“His Name is Wonderful.”

Happy Advent ❄️🌲


“We do not give up, yet we surrender.”

It’s the paradox of God. All our attempts at pressing on are marked with moments where having done all to stand, we just stand. We have prayed and we have praised. We have sown and we have believed. We have gone the distance, and the distance still left shall be filled in with a defiant hope. For we are not a people that give up, but wholly surrender.

We surrender to a power in Christ we have not known before. We surrender with a humility that acknowledges where our ability stops and His continues. We surrender to the truth that what we cannot accomplish in our own strength, He is well able to by His Spirit. We surrender with a decision to live not on the basis of what we see we can’t do, but on what God said He would do.

“God is not a man that He should lie, nor a son of man that He should change His mind.

Does He speak and then not act?

Does He promise and not fulfil?” (Numbers 23:19)

Reason enough to not give up, yet reason enough to surrender.

And everyone said, a brave Amen👑


“God moves in times and seasons, but He works in moments.”

When God moves, things shift. They realign and start to take shape. It seldom looks like what we had in mind, but simply because the gift comes wrapped in a different package doesn’t mean He isn’t delivering. We need eyes to see and ears to hear. We need sensitivity to how He is moving, so that as the seasons change, we don’t miss the turning of the leaves. We don’t miss those fleeting moments that though may seem insignificant, are actually precious in the eyes of Our Saviour. He is the divine orchestrator of all things. As such, my hope and prayer this season is that as He is moving behind the scenes, we remain sensitive to those moments that He orchestrates by His Spirit which give us a splendid opportunity to be Christlike to those He has called us to love. Whether it is giving a glass of water to our thirsty neighbour, or whether it is imparting a word of encouragement to a friend in need, let us not hold back but be present.

Blessings this holiday season ❄️🎄


“When we cannot understand the mind of The Lord, we simply must trust the heart of The Lord.”

There are times when we go through situations which are simply beyond our human comprehension. We receive promises with joy, but the process when totally surrendered will certainly test us in terms of our willingness to trust and obey God even when everything in the natural seems to be contrary to what He has spoken.

What I’m learning is this. It’s supposed to be that way. Promises are supposed to challenge our situations and circumstances. If Heaven has to manifest on Earth, then Earth must realign with Heaven. Inevitably, there will be more reasons to doubt than trust. But that’s when we need to remind ourselves that we aren’t called to do life by logic or reason, but by faith and trust.

So when we feel tried by what is ensuing in the natural, and we find it hard to understand the mind of The Lord?

We can simply choose to trust the heart of The Lord, for His Heart is full towards us, regardless of circumstances. He delights in us, who we are and who we are becoming in and through a relationship with Him, which needs to be our prime focus while navigating the challenges that come our way.

It is His Heart of love, tenderness, compassion and love towards us that sustains us, prospers us, develops us and releases us.

I hope and pray that this holiday season, we will seek to be so anchored in the depths of His affection towards us that anything that seems to suggest otherwise will only serve as a tool to grow closer still and go deeper still.

Happy Advent ❤️🎄

a tinge of Christmas!

So on the second day of the Christmas Month, here I am posting a moment in time. Walking through our garden, taking in the winter sun, pausing to look at vegetation and noticing the red tinge in my socks resting on the lush green grass beneath. Pretty ordinary, yet potently drawing my attention to the hues that mark Christmas 🎄
As Advent rolls on, I hope you too shall take some time to pause at the tiny yet wondrous moments that Our King brings our way!
Wishing you a blessed season ahead!

Cross Over!

On the last day of the eleventh month of the year, I’m excited for those of us in transition between prophecy spoken and prophecy fulfilled, between promises released and promises realised; for this is a song that declares we are ready to cross over.

Cross over from our wilderness into our vineyards of fruitfulness, spiritually and naturally.

As the last month of 2019 dawns upon us, let us declare that though we may have walked through fire and flood, the times and the tides are both changing.

For our good and His Great Glory!