Miracles in the mundane

I got these yellow cookies the other day. In India, we call them ‘besan-elaichi’ biscuits.

I didn’t plan on getting myself any cookies really. I had a simple plan for the day. But how many of us know that some of the best things in life aren’t really planned?

Not my encounters with Jesus. And not my spontaneous shopping spree.


None of these things are planned, because I believe that our Good Good Father loves to hide good good gifts in our days as we journey on with Christ.

It was a smooth flow of the Spirit that saw a simple plan morph into a delightful evening.

An evening that had me hold out these delectable yellow cookies as a testimony of God’s Goodness for some of the most beautiful moments of discovery are what our Father hides in the seemingly mundane.

In the everyday business of our day-to-day life is precisely where we come face-to-face with the Father’s business.

Whose primary business is to shape us into the image of the first born of all creation, Christ Jesus.

The hope of glory.

He dwells within. He stands behind. He goes before.

He enfolds us within His warm, tender, protective embrace and as He moves on our hearts, we find ourselves heeding His still, small voice deep within and His gentle whispers of loving truth that beckon us to pay heed to the beauty in the brokenness, to the fruit in the barren place, to the rainbow in the clouds…

…Till the spontaneous flow of the Spirit through an unsuspecting, simple plan forges great delight in the soul and tiny blossoms of favour cause the peace and joy of believing to take root deeper still.

…Till the natural testifies to the eternal, and yellow cookies speak to the early signs of His plans and purposes bursting forth.

…Till the vineyard of our love is an uncluttered and free wide open space for the King of glory to take up residence in; and the seemingly mundane becomes an act of God worship.

…Till moments spent savouring ‘besan-elaichi’ cookies collected in The Cookie Jar become a kind of memorial stone resembling the kinds that the Israelites assembled together to attest to the faithfulness of God as they crossed the River Jordon on dry ground.

On the way to their Promised Land- a land flowing with milk and honey.

Transitions are often like that, I’m learning.

You don’t know what’s up ahead but what you DO know is that the land is good, simply because our Good Good Father delights in giving good good gifts to His children.

And no.

Giants in the promised land don’t intimidate us any longer.

Because our Father’s primary business is to shape us into the image of the first born of all creation, Jesus Christ, it turns out that greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.

And The Cookie Jar testifies.

To the beauty in the brokenness, to the fruit in the barren place, to the rainbow in the clouds…


Jesus beckons

God recently connected me to another one of His precious vessels, Liz Wright.

I first saw her on a podcast with Dr Brian Simmons recently and felt the unction to check out her ministry.

Liz was quite disarming with her charm and compassion. Full of the love of God with a clear understanding of people’s eternal worth and value, I took to her instantly.

One thing led to another, and before long I found myself mailing her office to get my hands on one of her resources which in my estimate, is easily a must-have for anyone on a journey with Christ.

This resource called, “REFLECTING GOD” is packaged as a book and a soaking album. I have been able to access the latter, and sat in it for about 4 hours at a stretch last night!

Though that’s been the longest I have ever sat in a soaking experience, it left me longing for more.

More of God. More of His Presence. More of His Light.

As I sat in the Word today friends, I learnt that the Aramaic word for light is “noohra,” which points to revelation light. This, I feel, is the hallmark of Liz’s ministry and her teachings.

Immersed in the Presence of God with a deeper revelation of the Truth of who He is and who I am in Him made for an experience last night that I will forever hold close to my heart.

Experiencing a deep catharsis in Christ and learning to rest in Him as a child of God slowly awakening to her Identity as a co-heir with Christ, I’m being found.

But as I am, I wanted to pop in and invite you too.

Invite you to linger. Invite you to heal. Invite you to awaken.

Will you come?


He’s always waiting.

He knows what moves you

Honesty hour.

I have often heard people worship God with phrases like,

“You reign above it all! You reign above it all!”

Until some time back, I used to think that this meant that God reigned above the messes of our everyday lives, above the chaos and confusion, above the trials and the tribulation, quite unmoved and untouched because …

… well… because He is God.

But I am so delighted to learn that I was wrong.

Our God reigns above it all. Yes, absolutely He does.

But what I’m learning now is that He reigns above it all because He is not intimidated by the work of the powers of darkness in the world.

It’s a different deal altogether.

The truth is that God is not moved by the condition of our world because He is confident in His ability to redeem and transform. In that sense, He is not moved means that He is not intimidated. It does NOT mean that He is not touched by it.

He is.

He created us and He created the world. So how can He possibly not be touched?

I repeat.

He is.

God is very much touched by what touches us. He is grieved by what grieves us. He is moved by what moves us.

John 11:35 testifies to what I feel is one of the most profound Bible verses to ever be recorded. Though the shortest, it is one of the most loaded verses ever. It goes something like this,

“Jesus wept.”

That’s it.

Two words that reveal the sheer humanity of Jesus.

God, who wrapped Himself up in flesh to tabernacle with us and make His dwelling in our midst, wept. God, who spoke the Universe into existence at His command such that it continues to expand even today, wept. God, who reigns higher than the highest heavens and remains securely seated on His Throne forevermore, wept.

Jesus wept, friends.

And that’s exactly why He moves.

He moves when we are moved for He is moved by the feeling of our infirmity.

When we are overcome with sorrow, He is moved to heal, mend and restore us. When we are confronted with an impossible situation, He is moved to give us His promises and the assurance of our hope. When we are walking through a trial, He is moved to lead us, guide us and shape us through it.

Rewind 2000 years back.

When we were unable to do anything in our own strength to save ourselves, He was moved by the feeling of our infirmity so much so that He sent His one and only begotten son, Jesus to hang on that Cross at Calvary as both, our redemption AND our redemption price.

He was moved to make a way for our salvation and our connection to the Father Heart of God.

So how can HE not be moved by what moves us?

He absolutely is.

He is moved when we are moved by the condition of a lost and broken world. He is moved when in the face of hate, we choose love; in the face of anger; we choose peace; in the face of judgement, we choose grace; in the face of injustice, we choose forgiveness; in the face of persecution, we choose prayer.

Indeed, He is moved.

And when God is moved, He moves mountains.

And guess where it all began?

With the feeling of our infirmity.


You’re a Miracle


Hershey’s and peanut butter- strawberry sandwiches were my favourite this winter. A change in season saw me unwittingly stash away the chocolate sauce in the refrigerator.

But again.

Seasons change.

The lunar eclipse yesterday was a pretty stunning sight. A big saffron ball of light hanging low in the evening sky caught my attention like little else does.

Realising something was peculiar as the lights shining on the mountains my window overlooks had this uncommon companion last evening, I reached out for my lenses.

Yes, it was indeed the moon hanging lower than usual. A saffron ball with craters that billions across the planets had looked eyes on.

Slowly, the ball began to rise. Bit by bit till the hue changed to a bright white and the moonlight was, now that I was back in the safety of my room, shining from underneath my curtains.

I looked, I smiled, I worshiped.

Beholding the beauty of the moon through the eyes of the Father till joy bubbled up and my childlike wonder, reawakened.

Till today’s evening meal saw me toss aside the boring, mundane menu in exchange for some delicious mouthwatering Hershey’s chocolate sandwiches.

An epiphany.

Seasons change, friends. But we often miss the turning of the leaves.

So as I hasten to a close, I hope you find the courage to find your own miracle in process, because you yourself are one.

You’ve gone through the fire and the flood, the test and the trial, the mire and the mud.

And you’re still here.

Because you’re a miracle.

It’s time to make some chocolate sandwiches.

🍫 ❤️

Our Love Language

A sliver of Grace, a slice of Heaven.

So it’s a beautiful man playing a flute on the streets right outside our community garden.

Distant strains of music, still deeply resonating with my heart.

A bird starts to chirp as the sun begins to set. It’s golden rays are beaming on my face as I dare to look towards it.

Squinting, I look away and resume my writing.

In the midst of an unrelenting lockdown, the cars that are buzzing to and fro seem to point to a people that are determined to not let anything stand in their way.

I bless them.

Evenings walks with Jesus never felt more full of wonder. In the light of the mysterious way that only He knows to connect, yellow flowers have now become our love language for this season.

But wait.

The sound of someone precious putting the utensils away right where they belong.

But I know where I belong, so I resume my writing.

Stone benches held up by layers of cemented bricks are my favourite place to park myself.

But as I do, I notice that the roses in these bushes close by are a bit closed up. I sort of miss them blossoming forth as usual. But love is patient, I remind myself.

So as I resume my writing again, I seek to draw to a close.

Swift enough to return to the wonder of communing with Jesus through the majesty of creation, but hopefully potent enough to let you linger too.

Linger in the presence of His Love and linger in the beauty of your own unique miracle story with Him.

In a coffee shop. In a park nearby. In the sanctuary. In the friend’s garage or in the comfort of your home.

Because Jesus will find you anywhere.

Be still and know…

He loves you 💛


The Pentecost P’s

“Passion, Power and Purity.”

It was Pentecost Sunday yesterday, friends.

I was exhilarated to spend time with the Lord on a day when the wonderful sweet, precious Holy Spirit of God was sent from Heaven into the Earth nearly 2000 years ago.

However, I am intrigued as I ponder the fact that the same Spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the dead lives on the inside of me. And having being released in response to the prayers and intercession of the disciples of the Lord as they all gathered with one accord to bombard Heaven, He now lives in me.

It’s so beautiful to note here that Heaven was invaded by earth first, before earth was ever invaded by Heaven.

The disciples wanted what the Lord had died to give them, and they wanted it not only for themselves but also for the world they were called to shift the trajectory of.

They were passionate about the faith, moved in power and were marked by purity. Signs, wonders and miracles were the norm. Healing and deliverance was at hand for all. Salvation had finally come.

As the last days church, I believe that’s what the Lord is doing within and amongst us as He brings about the restoration and fulfilment of all things according to the counsel of His will.

I couldn’t be more ecstatic really.

In the midst of the whirlwind of the world right now, He is calling us to a place of deeper intimacy with Him, to be a people marked by the fire of His Presence.

Because His Presence is where we meet with His glory.

His Presence is where we encounter His passion for us that ignites the flame of passion within us. His Presence is where we we begin to understand His power that enables us to come to terms with our own. His Presence is where we come face to face with the purity of His selfless, sacrificial love that empowers us to lay our own lives down to see His Kingdom come.

It’s all about the Presence, friends.

As we make our way into the week ahead, let us run into His Presence. Let us sit at the feet of Jesus and let Him mark us, make us and mould us.

With Passion, Power and Purity.

Hallelujah 🙌🏼

Victory in Christ

“What is now a Prophecy of Scripture will one day become a Testimony of Jesus; and what will eventually become the Testimony of Jesus, will always carry the Spirit of Prophecy.”

It is this that the Lord has begun teaching me, friends and I share it with great delight.

Victory for one, in the Kingdom of Heaven, is victory for all.

This is because our victory does not depend upon human effort nor is it received at the cost of anyone. For it rests solely on the cost that Jesus has paid for every single one of us at the Cross of Calvary, which is not just enough, but MORE THAN ENOUGH for one and all.

There is truly no dearth in the Kingdom of God. Our God is extravagant and in Him, we can pull from the unlimited supply of His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

He is a prosperous Father who spoke good plans and purposes into our lives through the abundance of the intentionality of His Heart. And that too, BEFORE He put us in the womb of our mother’s belly.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” (Jeremiah 1:5)

But He didn’t speak those plans for our lives apart from Him and the community of people that He brings into our lives.

But rather interwoven with them.

We are not an island, friends. We are a holy people that belong to the Family of God. We are called to a life that is dependent on God, and interdependent on people.

An African proverb comes to mind as I write,

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Which brings me back to the Truth that Victory for one, in the Kingdom of Heaven, is victory for all. The same God who has proven Himself to be Faithful in one person’s life, is the same God who is Faithful over mine. My brother’s or sister’s success is not my failure. Rather, it is my success too, because everyone has a seat at the Father’s table. We are all invited to dine with Him, and dine full.

Partaking of the fullness of peace, the fullness of joy and the fullness of love in and through the fullness of the Person and the Presence of Jesus.

Which is always more than enough for every single one represented across the planet.

His Presence with you does not take away from His Presence with me. And His promises towards you do not come at the cost of His promises to me.

Because there is an abundant supply of riches for all the Children of God in the Kingdom of Heaven.

On Earth as it is in Heaven.

I’m learning, friends to let go and let Him mature me into this Truth.

Risking vulnerability at this moment with you, I do admit I feel pangs of jealousy on seeing success stories as I scroll through social media each morning. But the Lord has faithfully been teaching me what I’m now finding the courage to share.

Victory for one, in the Kingdom of Heaven, is victory for all.

God’s Word testifies.

“For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” (Revelation 19:10)

I heard Pastor Bill Johnson speak at Bethel recently and he said something quite remarkable. He said that stewarding a Word is stewarding a relationship.

So I did a bit of soul searching and realised that every Word that God releases into our lives carries the very breath of God. It comes from His Presence and as we tenderly receive and faithfully steward His spoken Word, it makes His Presence even more real to us, and depending upon the assignment that the Lord has relegated to the Word, it can very well usher in the beauty and the majesty of His Presence even into the lives of those that we are called to.

Establishing the Kingdom of Heaven in our midst starts with the work of the Holy Spirit within us. As we diligently spend time in Scripture, the Spirit of the Living God goes to work. HE is activated, and then He activates us.

The Holy Spirit starts to reveal the Heart of the Father through His Word. There occurs an unveiling of His intentions toward us and His strategy to accomplish that which He speaks. Those plans and purposes that He declared over us BEFORE He put us in the womb of our mother’s bellies, are now revealed through His Promises.

Which is why Prophecy of Scripture is the backbone of our faith.

A time of trial where all we see are the impossibilities of life around us are an invitation to draw closer to the source of it all, the giver of true life who already has in His mind, redemptive solutions to every challenge we face.

Which brings me to yet another thought:

“Will the road towards the manifestation of that which He has spoken be rosy and colourful?”


But it WILL BE glorious.

It may not be easy, friends but it will be saturated with His Faithfulness. It won’t always be comfortable, but it will be full of His Risen glory. It certainly won’t be predictable, but it will be anchored in Him.

He promises to never leave us, nor forsake us.

And as we embark upon this grand adventure of faith with the King of glory, it is THIS PROMISE of His Presence that is perhaps, the most important.

Because it is His Presence that catches us each time we stumble or fall. It is His Presence that we run to whenever doubt or unbelief threaten to sabotage our faith. It is His Presence that heals our broken hearts and binds up our wounds in the face of persecution and suffering. It is His Presence, friends.

I’m learning to slowly disengage with my problems and engage with my promises instead.

I’m realising His Presence is stronger than anything I’ll face.

I’m understanding His Presence is the thing that has begun a good work and His Presence is the thing that will complete it.

Jesus doesn’t leave things undone or unfinished.

Not at the Cross, and not now.

He is the same; yesterday, today and forevermore.

He cried out, “IT IS FINISHED!” so that we can operate from that reality, never towards it.

For the Truth of our Father’s nature and character is that He is alpha and He is omega. He is the beginning and He is the end. He is the author and the finisher of our faith.

And He who promised is Faithful.

The process is designed for us to learn the same kind of Faithfulness. Embody the same kind of Love. Carry the same kind of Hope.

The same kind that Jesus did.

Because what is now a Prophecy of Scripture WILL one day become the Testimony of Jesus so that what eventually becomes a Testimony of Jesus, forever carries the Spirit of Prophecy.

God said it, and He is Faithful.

I hope we are too.

Right here, Right now.

“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength” (Isaiah 30:15)

It’s within the chaos of our world that I’m learning to find God.

Running between my home and the main gate to hand over a chunk of money that the delivery boy had mistakenly given me, I’m learning the sheer brilliance and importance of internal peace and rest.

My most recent revelation informs me that if I wait for the circumstances of my world to line up, I’ll be waiting forever.

But if I’m willing to let the Holy Spirit create and cultivate that sacred space deep within my soul that rests in the assurance that comes from knowing I’m a child of God, I have the opportunity to rest secure right where I am.

I’m guessing the same holds true for you too, dear friend.

Standing beside a rather tall palm with the sound of water running down a wall, I felt Heaven touch earth. I found myself wanting to just be still. Be still in the stillness of His Presence, amid the wonder of creation. A gentle breeze caressing my face and restoring unto me the awe of my King.

Who is ever beside me, but longs for me to be still long enough to discover that reality.

Tracing my steps back home, I was a bit changed I admit.

I left with a photo to share with my friends here, yes. But something more than that perhaps.

A yearning to know what it’s like to really be still and know that He is God.

An uncommon peace and a supernatural rest undergirding my soul through all the chaos I’m called to walk through.

A simple child like trust in Father God that is of far greater value than pure gold.

A heart that rests fully assured in the sure and certain knowledge that the Lord is in control.

A life that wants to have the privilege of knowing Him deeper and fuller.

All because if I’ve been made in the image of God and I have, then peace and rest are my portion. And that too, right here. Right now.

Not one day when, dear friend.

Right here. Right now.

God with us

“Yet I am not alone, for my Father is with me.” (John 16:32)

In the present day, time and season that we find ourselves in the midst of, it is easy to feel sequestered, isolated and alone.

Yet, the Word of God tells us that we are never alone for our Father stands with us.

I’ve noticed that times such as these can make us feel abandoned and rejected. Almost as if God Himself had forgotten us.

But experience tells me that that is NOT the nature and character of our Father.

Our Father is a hands-on father. He is intimately involved in the details of our lives.

“So we are convinced that every detail of our lives is continually woven together for good, for we are his lovers who have been called to fulfill his designed purpose.” (Romans 8:28, TPT)

Truly, it is futile to lose our peace over things we cannot control. We can not control the repercussions of a global pandemic nor can we control the reactions of those that are around us. But what we CAN CHOOSE is our response to these challenging times.

We can choose to be still, hold our peace and trust that God remains sovereign and in control. Therefore, WE can relinquish control and rest in the assurance that in all things, God works for the good of those that love Him and are called according to His Purpose.

Even seasons such as these.

What I’m learning is that these times that I find myself not able to venture forth the way I ordinarily would, actually afford me a rich opportunity to really get to know my Father.

The more I get to know Him as a Faithful Father and a Friend that sticks closer than a brother, the more I feel complete in Him.

Like I lack nothing.

Because the truth is that if we have Christ, we don’t.

“as His divine power has given to us ALL THINGS that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue..” (2 Peter 1:3-4, emphasis added)


The Word of God says that we have access to ALL THINGS that we need to live righteous and holy – in a manner that is true to us and glorifies God. We have access to the peace of Christ, the love of God and the strength of the Holy Spirit.

So we tap into our Heavenly resources to find the grace we need in our time of need.

For the Lord is our Shepherd, we shall not want.

He goes before us, stands behind us and surrounds us like a shield.


In ALL THINGS, He works for the good of those that are His Beloved.

He doesn’t waste a single thing.

He may not cause our pain, but He will redeem it and use it.

For our good and His great glory.

For what I’m learning to be true of the Lord as our Father is that He is the kinds that fights for our blessing, our favour and our future. But He doesn’t fight for victory, He fights FROM it.

He already HAS the victory.

He has gone into our tomorrows, dear friend and knows what goodness lies in store. So in His Faithfulness, He comes and meets us in the present moment and gives us His Word which is able to take us to that which He has seen and orchestrated.

Should we pay attention, we will realise that what He says is true.

He is with us, right this very moment. He has not forgotten us because our walls are ever before Him. He is as close as a whispered prayer and wants us to know that it is only in knowing HIM first and foremost, that our deepest longings are met. It is in processing our pain with Him that we are made whole. It is in intimacy with Him that we find completion.

Because we were never designed to do life alone.

Indeed, we are NEVER ALONE.

Jesus is Immanuel – God WITH us.

He is in the dirt with us; healing, restoring, transforming. We are not apart from Him, for we are a part OF Him. When we suffer, He suffers with us. And when we are blessed, He celebrates with us.

So as I draw to a gentle close, it is my prayer that should you feel alone in any way, you would call upon the Name of Jesus. That you would lift your eyes to the heavens and know that the Maker of it all is closer than your next breath. That you would place your hand on your heart and in the stillness of the moment you find yourself in, you would hear Him say,

“You are MY Beloved.”

Because you are.


“This is the groaning
As You count every tear we have sown
And we trust what those tears will become
This is the stretching
Making room for our hope to arrive
Knowing You come to make us alive
To make us alive

We wait for light, we wait for rain
Behold the life born out of pain
Eyes to the dawn, we’re not afraid
We do not labor in vain

We will keep breathing
When the burden is too much to bear
We can carry it if You are there
And You will deliver
All Your children to freedom and joy
In our sorrow, we’re lifting our voice
Oh, we’re lifting our voice…”

These are some of the wonderful lyrics that I have been listening to lately.


This song first caught my attention perhaps because of its title,

“We do not labour in vain.”

Slowly but surely, I was enraptured. One song led to another and before long, I found myself worshipping the Lord as the melody in my heart found language within the songs of this project called,


Pioneered by Amy Grant and Ellie Holcomb, simply put, this project captures the heart of a God lover. It’s lyrics touch the depths of one’s being and mysteriously draw us closer in our intimacy with Jesus.

I’ve attached the link above to the song that I’ve mentioned in the beginning of my post.

Friends, I don’t know the exact details of what God has you walking through in this present day, time and season of your life. But what I DO know for sure is that we are all in this together and that you are NOT ALONE.

We can all find common threads in our own unique story and journey with Jesus and know deep down that we are all part of ONE FAMILY.

May you find this TRUTH reverberate in your heart and soul as you listen to the beautiful songs that, “Faithful” has compiled together.

And as if this wasn’t enough multivitamins for us, they have also made available a book that is an awe inspiring collection of stories from Scripture where God has clearly demonstrated His Faithfulness to women all through the pages of the Bible.

And yes!

Jesus Christ is the same; yesterday, today and forevermore.

So as I draw to a close, I pray that you would find the unction you need to pay “FAITHFUL” a visit and that you would find your spirit nourished and your strength renewed through the music, the melodies and perhaps even the book.

Will hope to chime in again later some time.