From The Father’s Heart!

Beloved Son/Daughter,

I know it’s not been easy, but I need you to know that you aren’t here by accident. I chose you before the very foundations of the Earth and lovingly formed you before I put you in the womb of your mother’s belly.

You aren’t an accident, but rather The Designer’s Original.

You are a masterpiece, never to be replicated again in the course of history.

You were made on purpose, for a Purpose, that you and ONLY you can fulfil. The unique gifts and talents that I’ve put deep down on the inside of you speak to the High Calling that I’ve placed upon your life.

I know you believe in me, but today, know that I believe in you too.When doubts arise (and they will), I need you to trust in my character as opposed to the temporal reality of fleeting circumstances. And you will see change happen before your very eyes.

But above all else, I want you to know that you are loved, you are called and you are known by the Maker of the Heavens and the Earth, who simply happens to be your Father too. You are precious in my sight, and as valuable at your broken worst as in your most whole self.

You are just as precious on the streets as you are on stage, on the hospital bed as you are on a helipad, on the backside of a desert as you are on the front lines of battle.

You NEVER have to perform to be accepted, for in my eyes, you already are. And this Truth is enough to sustain you through the rejection and ridicule that are an inevitable part of fulfilling your Destiny.

As I hasten to a close, there is much on my heart to say but if I reveal all to you now, then where is the mystery?

And as mystical as your Father is, know that mystery runs in your DNA too, in the very fabric of your being, so much so that each day you arise is simply another opportunity to unravel another layer of the enigma that is YOU.

THAT is what you are. And I know you will live upto the hope of the calling you have received.

Love you forevermore,

Your Father.