Like diamonds raining from The Heavens
Are Your tender mercies and fresh graces every single day
Your Love being one of our strongest weapons
Urges us to notice the wonderful array.

Of Your Majesty on display
Through the wonder of creation
For You’re the antidote to all dismay
Revealed in splendour for our appreciation.

Pointing us to the reality of another world
A place we call Home
For the planet we live in may be curved
But it’s still our shell encasing our stories in tomes.

You call them prophetic scrolls
For our destinies are Heaven ordained
It’s a comfort to our souls
For The Word we walk by can never be chained.

So we look to You for direction
In order that we may walk in sync
Our steps we know are ordered
In order that we may never sink.

You lift us high above the fray
Through Your loving kindness
Our hands held tenderly in Yours
So we shall never go astray.

Times that we need reminding
Are wonderfully met with a gentle breeze or a blooming flower
To point us back to The One
Who orchestrated it all like one brilliant baby shower.

Love leads well

Always nourished in the Light of Your Countenance
Your Majesty breathing fresh life into all of my promises
My soul radiates with a new resonance
That is a mercy kiss from Heaven’s premises.

Taking a hold of me so I never waver
One sentence from You bringing me into alignment
So I continue to believe in the beauty of Your favour
And focus afresh on my divine assignment.

You tell me to wait patiently
Yet my heart You ensure remains in full assurance
For in the time You move suddenly
I’ll sure be glad that in You I have found all my insurance.

You make all things beautiful
And give me the faith to persevere
So I stand on the Rock that’s immovable
For it’s Perfect Love that casts out fear.

Saturday swings

I just want intimacy
Counting all else as loss
I run to You for cover
For it’s the depths of Your Heart that I want to discover.

The deeper I go in Your Love for me
The more I get lost
And the more that I get lost, the more I am found
For the Gospel is nothing but a Love Story.

Written in the blood stained ink of Calvary
Ending in a revelation of Your Risen Glory
For the Victory You won for us far exceeds a needed outcome
For it revels in the relationship that sees who we become.

The God of Grace who keeps no record of my mistakes
Wipes my slate clean each morning
With tender mercies and fresh blessings
You’re a Father whose smile is the breath of a new dawning.

The deep caverns of Your Love
Reveal endless amounts of space
To run, to create
To just be and regenerate.

As I explore, my eyes open with wonder
Your promises are Your language of Love between us
To redeem, restore, bless and prosper
For therein lies The Father’s Heart that is seeped in honour.

He says that His delight is in me
I smile and receive for perhaps that’s what I was born for
To know the fullness of my Father’s Heart
Wherein I shall always rest secure.

The Cross has the final say

When He cried, “It is finished,”
It was only the beginning
The beginning of what He will finish in and through us
For it was for us that He cried, “It is finished.”

Whether a movement or a moment
Expressed in loving kindness
“It is finished” will find His way
Without a trace of shyness.

Three words that set us free
Three words that set us on fire
For Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Never ever do they retire.

Constantly working, relentlessly loving
Readjusting, realigning
For it’s the victory of, “It is finished”
That brings about an intertwining.

Of Spirit and soul
Always meant to be one
Woven seamlessly together
Nowhere else do we need to run.

Having experienced The Love that stood alone
For all humanity to have Hope.
Leaves us forever changed
As we embrace the Divine Exchange

“It is finished,”
He may have cried
So we lay aside our pride
and declare the Truth
For we know, “He is Risen!”


You look at me
with so much compassion
So much love
None can fathom.

The healing in your eyes
Brings a light to mine
It’s the mercy in your smile
That affirms me deep inside.

You know how to put the fire back in my veins
Suddenly, yet seamlessly
You do it so effortlessly
That it truly astonishes me.

Then You temper me
And tell me to be patient
For You love to strengthen me
Because it’s Your Love that strengthens me.

So I wait for the rain to come
For it always comes on time
Leaving dew drops on the grass
That twinkle just like the stars.

Creation is washed afresh
Shining bright and green
For now, spring is here
And everything is blossoming.

In wonder, I fall on my face
For I know that’s exactly what You embrace
No pretence, no facade
Just the rawness of my heart.

It’s a very different paradigm I’m on
There’s no room for fear
And I never have to worry
For I know You are always near.

Always willing
Always kind
Always loving
For that’s Your paradigm.

Let the plates shift
As they must
But for the change in me
I know You are worthy of my trust.

Take Your time, if You will
For You don’t just know what’s better
You know what’s best
For You’re already sitting in the next.

So anchor me in the now
Alive to the wonders that surround
I see You in everything I see
For it’s no longer a mystery.

The beauty of being led by You
Is that when I am
You reveal only that
Which is hidden in You.

A tiny drop in the ocean
Led by the swift current of Your Love
Sometimes lost in the tides and waves
But You always pull me way above.

And as You do
Endless mercies keep dropping on me
Things I can’t imagine
Now a sublime reality.

So I let go
Of the need to know
For I trust in The One
Who is ever faithful to show.

I seat You on the throne of my heart
And find myself nestled in Yours
My soul mingling with Your Spirit
Drenched in a massive outpour.

Call it intimacy
Or betrothed to thee
For having seen what I have
There’s no other place I’d rather be.

Hand in hand we walk
You hear each time I talk
So constant, so close
Flesh to flesh
Bone to bone.

I surrender my ways to Yours
And taste the life you died to give
It’s a life of Pure Love
That I now get to live.

So lead me as You do
On the path you’ve chosen
I know You’re already waiting
So I will never be frozen.


Welcome Spring!

Never seen Love like Yours
Never tasted anything so sweet
Never been held by anything so strong
So pure, so pristine.

It covers me.
It frees me.
It strengthens me.

It’s the Love that runs in me
that finds its way back Home
Each time I come to you
And You call me Your own.

Grace finds me in my time of need
He may find me broken
But He leaves me complete.

Mercy kisses me on the head
And tells me all is well
For the sound that I hear
Is not that of the clouds thundering
But rather, it’s The Lion that’s roaring.

Roaring over His Sons and Daughters
The song of victory resounding from Heaven
For as surely as we wait,
Hope will never let us be delayed.

For His mind is made up
It’s our hearts that need to catch up
And as they do
He’ll change the times and seasons too.

For they are turning as we wait
Ever so patiently
For Majesty to reveal Himself
In all of His risen glory!