Salt and Light.

“I am Your Child before I am Your Church.”

The more I walk with The Lord, the more I realize how much He values relationship. He will allow situations and circumstances to manifest, and then invite us to listen to His Voice in order that we may discern what it is that His Spirit is doing in and through the manifested circumstances. I am slowly coming to a point where I recognize that the stronger my relationship with Him, the more I am in sync with Him which allows me to see, think and act the way He does in order to see His will manifest in through whatever it is that I may be experiencing. Perhaps, this is the reason we call our lives as believers a grand adventure with The Lord.

The way we were drawn into a relationship with Jesus is the way it is sustained. His Love is what won our hearts over, and it still is His Love which continues to. In a world rife with chaos and turmoil, we are often spurred to be the salt and light. After all, that is what Jesus has called us to be, and my journey reveals to me that the extent to which we allow ourselves to bask in His Light is the extent to which we can authentically be the light in our tiny part of the world. So, before I “do” anything, I am slowly learning the vital importance of “being” in His Presence. I love how The Bible makes this clear,

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature.” (2 Corinthians 5:17, King James Bible)

This leads me to believe that God is more interested in our “being,” than our “doing,” for He understands that from the overflow of our fellowship will inevitably flow the desire, the resolve and the power to be the salt and light. This is where our striving ends, and our surrender to Him puts us in a place of being able to receive like a child, and as a child. This where we learn to receive His perfect love, unconditional acceptance and matchless grace. This is where we encounter Presence and allow it to transform us into a Child that knows how to host it. This is where our weakness meets His Strength. This is where our wounds begin to heal and our souls finds revival. This is where our hearts start to melt as His Love begins to well up from deep within. This is where authentic transformation in Christ begins.

My experience tells me that our journey is purely relational and transformational, the fruit of which is for the world to savor. We can give only to the extent we receive. It is therefore, important to realize that the foremost thing is to receive the love, the grace, the mercy, the forgiveness, the kindness and the goodness of God in fullness and abundance every single day of our lives. This not only keeps us tethered to His Presence, but takes us deeper and deeper into a relational walk with Him; from the abundance of which can freely flow the goodness that our world needs to see and receive.

As His Child, I first want to receive His Love first thing in the morning. I want to allow His Love to heal me, strengthen me, lead me, guide me and then, compel me. I want to let my “being” with Him define my “doing.” I want to yield more and more to the leading of His Spirit as opposed to what I may have thought is the best way to lead my day. I want Him to take centerstage in my life so that every move and every decision is assured of a favorable outcome. I want to first feel His Heart towards me, and then let that heart reach those that are near to me.

So, I told Him last night that I was first His Child, and then His Church. I want to be the lamp that He can put on a lampstand, but first I want to taste of His Love and Light that can be found only when hidden within His splendor shadow. I want to be the salt and light, but first I want to be salted and lit up from within. I want to be a world changer, but first I need my inside world changed. I want to be sheep among the wolves, but first I want to know what it is to be shepherded well. I want to be who He has called me to be, but first I want to encounter The One who has called me in the first place.

I guess what I’m trying to say is quite simple. In our walk with Christ, our foremost responsibility is to value our relationship over anything else. It is in the relationship that we forge that we get to know Him, and the more we know Him, the more we know ourselves and what it is that we are called to. As I write, the words of Jesus, after His Resurrection as He promised The Holy Spirit to His disciples, come to mind;

“I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high.” (Luke 24:49, NIV)

It is abundantly clear that the more we receive “power from on high,” the more we are empowered to be who He calls us to be: the salt and light of the world, His Children and then, His Church.

So be it.




“It is not a performance based spirituality, it is a love based response.”

I used to be a very performance driven individual. Always wanting to achieve more and never feeling content with all the abundance that God had already bestowed upon me, I feel that I can trace that back to a need for Identity. However, having surrendered my life to Christ, I have since embarked upon a soul saving, mind renewing, life changing adventure. God blessed me with an appetite for His Word which brought healing to my bones and strength to my soul. The Bible says that the entrance of God’s Word gives light. All I had to do was to learn to bask in it.

I learned the vital importance of letting the Truth of what HE says about me override all else. I still have journals that I filled with His Word, the only thing that brought me closer and closer to a fuller revelation of my Identity in Christ. I began to learn that I am loved so much that Jesus didn’t even flinch when He took The Cross not just for me, but as me. Having nailed all my sin and shame, my limitations and shortcomings, my weaknesses and failures; He died. But after three days, we all know He rose again.

What His resurrection means for us personally is something I am intrigued to know more and more. Lately, I have had a feeling that it means so much that my tiny, finite mind cannot even grasp the fullness of. However, what it does testify to is the truth that we are now sons daughters of The Living God. He loves us perfectly, with a love so pure that the only response to it is, love itself.

It is by Grace that I have received these revelations and pray that I continue to grow in them. It is Perfect Love that declares we are the righteousness of God in Christ. We are enough, just the way we are. I have understated it, for God’s Word says that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” God takes immense pleasure in us. Not even remotely concerned with where we come from, He is solely focused on who we are becoming. This process of becoming is a life long adventure with The Lord, but I think the foundation needs to be securely anchored in Perfect Love.

I feel strongly about this because I’m just about beginning to experience it as the Love which casts out fear and as the Love which drives out the need to perform to be accepted, simply because we are beautifully cherished in The Beloved of God – Jesus Christ. His Love takes us the way we are, but is too faithful to leave us the same way. We may come to Him with traumas, hurts, wounds so deep that it seems hopeless, but The Lord turns it all around, slowly but surely. He invades our inner space with unfathomable peace, uncontainable joy, enduring patience, steadfast kindness, and unrivalled majesty. He takes our pain and translates it into a Purpose. He gives us spiritual gifts and talents to equip and empower us to fulfill the hope of the calling we have received. He gives us a heart of flesh and puts a new spirit within us. He chooses us in His Mercy, and uses us in His Majesty.

Friends, we all have a unique brand of brokenness and The Lord is not surprised nor intimidated by it. He knew us before He laid the foundations of The Earth and His Love towards us remains unchanging. He formed us with affection that we never can earn or deserve, but only receive by Grace. I believe we need to receive it on a daily basis because if God loves a cheerful giver, I’m guessing He is one. He waits for us to come to Him so we learn to live from a place that is not defined by our performance, how well we seem to be doing or not; rather we learn to live from a place that is only defined by The Perfect Love of God which makes no demands, but longs to be accepted for the treasure that it is.

Once accepted, the deposits then made are finer than pure gold.

Together, let’s receive it and let’s experience it.


Travelling well.

“We never have to be anxious about our future, because as we are travelling, it is unraveling.”

The other day, I was a bit anxious about my future as I pondered that its something always uncertain. We never know what lies ahead, but I realized that I do know The One who does know. So, I decided to spend some time with Him. I took my Bible and went downstairs in the cool, evening breeze and sat on something that looks like a ledge. God is the Source of all comfort, and as is the norm with Him, He came through. Let me share what He revealed,

“If you decide for God, living a life of God-worship, it follows that you don’t fuss about what’s on the table at mealtimes or whether the clothes in your closet are in fashion. There is far more to your life than the food you put in your stomach, more to your outer appearance than the clothes you hang on your body. Look at the birds, free and unfettered, not tied down to a job description, careless in the care of God. And you count far more to him than birds.” (Matthew 6:25-26. MSG)

When I first received my copy of The Bible, nearly eleven years back, it was the section on “Do Not Worry” that captivated me the most. Truly, if God cares even for the birds of the air, how much more does He care for us? Little by little, I read on and God kept speaking. The next few years were defining as I met Jesus and couldn’t resist but surrender to a Love that promised me more than I could imagine. As I look back at my journey, it never ceases to amaze me.

The Word of God informs us that He cares so much for us that He sent Jesus to die a gruesome death on The Cross at Calvary to prove it. His resurrection paved the way for us to receive The Holy Spirit, who is our guide at all times. He is our inner compass. He is the one who can help us navigate the issues of life in the best possible manner. Slowly but surely, information became revelation. Since then, I may have my moments of doubt or anxiety, but I know that I am forever changed for The Love of God has left me dumbfounded.

As I write, I realize the futility of anxiety. We may feel it, but it does not have to define us. What defines us is Who made us in His own image and even before releasing us into this world, made plans to prosper us and give us a hope. He does not reveal all things at once, for what would we need faith for then? On what grounds would we cultivate our relationship with God? What conversations would we have? How would we learn to stand, to wait, to listen, to yield, to obey? How would we grow and develop in wisdom and stature? Would life really be interesting?

I don’t think so. I think what makes our life meaningful and interesting is our relationship with Our Creator. I think His big plan was to enable us to walk this journey with His Precious Son, Jesus who would anoint us, guide us, comfort us and be in constant fellowship through The Spirit He has given us. The Holy Spirit gives us revelation knowledge, but He does that only one step at a time. Staying in step with Him has taught me to remain tethered to Jesus and be sensitive to what HE is doing, as opposed to what we want to see happen. All His promises are ‘Yes’ and ‘Amen,’ but they all come with a process attached, for it is in the process that we get to become more and more like Him – which is the big plan!

Though it is quite futile to worry about a future, that God, in His Infinite Wisdom and Agape Love, has prepared for us even before laying the foundations of The Earth; yet, in our human frailty, we still do. It is comforting at such times to remind ourselves of something that is commonly used, but never ceases to lose the potency of,

“He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all–how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?” (Romans 8:32, NIV)

Friends, the blessing is already prepared. It is us who are being prepared for the blessing. Whatever God has called us to, laid on our hearts and given us an insatiable passion to believe for; He will certainly bring to pass. The process, however, is what He needs us to partner with Him in – something which is a joy and a privilege. I often think it’s like watching my Father work and build, I simply get to lay the bricks.

This sentiment paints a sublime picture of fellowship where we travel together on this beautiful journey called life. If there is anything more beautiful, it is this. With Jesus, we get to travel with lightness, freedom, peace and joy for His yoke is easy and His burden is light. He never puts more on us than we can bear. It’s not in His nature for He is the Lover of our souls. His Words come to mind as I continue,

“What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?” (Matthew 16:26, NIV)

It is abundantly clear that God’s main purpose is to bring about an authentic heart and soul transformation, in and through a relationship with Christ Jesus, so that we can have the character and stature necessary to fulfill the call that He has placed on our lives, a call that needs us to encounter Jesus as Love so we can be love; as Grace so we can be grace, as Mercy so we can be mercy to the world that is around and about us, a world that we are called to touch and transform, but only to the extent that we ourselves have been.

The roles we have in our lifetime, whether we are parents, teachers, artists or entrepreneurs; serve as platforms for our Purpose to manifest. The degree to which we can do justice to this sacred privilege that comes guised as Purpose depends on how well we travel with Jesus. In my experience, the more I remain conscious that The God of Eternity dwells in my midst, the more I am assured that, as Christine Caine so aptly puts it;

“The same God who saw me this far is the same God who will see me further still.” (I think I paraphrased it!)

Looking back at my journey, I now see His miracle working power at work throughout my life. I am sure that if this resonates with you, then together we can resolve that the next time we feel anxious or uncertain of what lies ahead, all that we have to do is look back. Look back at the times that He moved mountains, parted seas, broke down the gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron. Look back with awe, wonder and astonishment at His Majesty, and allow the profound sentiments that thus emanate to linger on in our deepest crevices, till we know beyond a shadow of doubt, that we never have to be anxious about our future, because as we are travelling, it is unraveling.

Slowly, but surely.



“We’re both, reservoirs and rivers.”

When God created man, He breathed His very breath into him in the hope that life would, in turn, flow through him. He would be fruitful, have dominion and multiply. Even after The Fall, His desire remains as unchanging as His character. Jesus was purposed into the plan of redemption, even before the foundations of the Earth. God, in His foreknowledge, knew everything, yet His Relentless Love towards us pleased Him to bruise His Son, Jesus in order that we may, in and through a relationship now accessible by the power of The Holy Spirit, be able to once again, walk in constant communion with Him. That’s His great delight, and I believe, ours too.

The question is what really happens in this Father-Child relationship?

I believe a relationship as sacred as this is forged through pristine Love. The Love that first found us now beckons us to go find others. But in order to do that, we need to be filled with The Spirit of God, The Love of God, The Wisdom of God. Psalm 23:5 puts it as simply as this,

“my cup runneth over.”

It is only from the abundance of what we forge in the vertical space, a space that is defined and sustained through Love, that the abundance of What and Who we experience and encounter can freely flow into the world around us, a horizontal space that when infected with the joy, love and grace we have to offer can most definitely result in the prophecy of The Cross fulfilled.

This is why we are first, reservoirs and then, rivers.

We are reservoirs to the extent that we have allowed God to access and fill us up with His Spirit. This surrender is precisely what allows Him to fill the God-shaped hole on the inside of us. But as we allow Him to work with us more and more, He will inevitably fill us up more and more, to the full until we overflow. Simply because He is a Giver, and His intention is to turn us into one too. Hence, He calls us “rivers of living water.”

As I write, Jesus’s encounter with the Samaritan woman comes to mind. She came to the well where Jesus, tired from His journey, found a seat. Having come with the sole intention of drawing water from the well, she almost missed the well of living water who sat right beside, until Jesus initiated the conversation and said,

“Will you give me a drink?” (John 4:7, NIV)

Being a Samaritan, she was stunned that Jesus, being a Jew, would even associate with her. But isn’t that what Our King was famous for? He did not come to condemn the world, but to save the world. And I believe, that needs to be our heart posture too.

Back to the parable. Looking for physical water to take back, Jesus was quick to shift her perspective from circumstantial gratification (temporal in nature) to spiritual fulfillment (eternal glory). To quote Our Savior Himself,

“Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again,  but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

How often do we look for resolution in the natural, when we have access to Someone who is able to make, mend and mold circumstances in a way that is good for us and brings Glory to God? Someone who is more interested in growing us, developing us and bringing us up till we learn to walk in the fullness of who God calls us to be in order that we may do what God intends for us to.

That Someone is Jesus who once said to a certain Samaritan woman that HE was the source of the water that would quench her thirst forever. Today, as believers in Christ, that Source has taken up residence within us and as Bill Johnson would say, “He wants out!”

Friends, this journey is as exquisite as it is profound. It is laced with signs, wonders and miracles from The Heavens above. It is about encountering the Heart of God who calls us His Beloved. It is about receiving the fullness of His Love on a daily basis in order that the great reservoir of love, grace, power and majesty that is cultivated within us as a result, would organically flow as rivers of living water into the lives of those we come into contact with; causing a softening of hearts, an edification of lives and a transformation in families, communities and the nations.

We dignify lives that were once devalued. We embolden spirits that were once shattered. We illuminate hearts that were once hopeless. We guide souls that are seeking, and redirect traffic that is lost and searching. In short, we spread the aroma and fragrance of Christ wherever we go till joy is rekindled, passion is fueled and purpose is made manifest.

This is what it means to be a Child of The King of kings and The Lord of lords!

We are both, reservoirs and rivers. And we will not stop.


A bit of both!

“You have both, my awe and affection.”

I found myself saying this to The Lord yesterday. The season He is walking me through is stirring within me an awe of The Lord that I believe He will be cultivating further.

We all who have experienced the Love of God through a Christ encounter naturally love God. He has our affections because they are now tethered to Eternity. The Word says that where your treasure is, there will your heart be also, and in my Bible, I seem to have written, “my heart is Home.”

That speaks to a love of God; a Father of unending Love, Grace and Mercy. But lately, I have sensed a reverential awe of Him, not a fear, but a reverential awe in a way that says,

“Your thoughts are higher. Your ways are loftier, and with You, ANYTHING is possible.”

Yes, friends. With God on our side, literally anything can happen that works for our good and brings Him all the Glory. If He promised it, He will do it. If He spoke it, then well, it has already been created. I have thus, realized that when He does give us His promises, we might as well receive His help with our unbelief, repent of it and continue to believe what He has spoken over the current state of our circumstances. We might as well pray in accord with The Father’s Heart and in time, see His Purposes manifest for not just ourselves, but even those that are connected to us. We might as well decree and declare His Word and watch circumstances change and come into alignment with Heaven’s mandate.

At times, I feel, it is our sense of not feeling worthy or adequate enough that can come in the way of His Promises seeing full manifestation. It is precisely at such times that we need to remind ourselves of Grace. Grace, which is a free gift and an undeserved favor of God. Grace, which chased us down even when we were dead in our transgressions. Grace, which finds us one way but leaves us, quite another. Grace, which by its very nature, upends us for His Glory. Grace which can never be earned or deserved, because it is just that: Grace.

It is Grace that calls us, “a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation.” It is Grace that says we are the righteousness of God in Christ. It is Grace that says we are forgiven and are now heirs to an inheritance that is fully ours through Christ’s sacrifice and God’s magnanimity. It is Grace that ultimately renders us worthy by The Blood of The Lamb and the word of our testimony in order that we may fully lay claim to all the promises of God that, in Christ Jesus, are “Yes” and “Amen.” It is Grace that has set us free.

Will we use this freedom to gratify the desires of the flesh or The Spirit? I believe that a reasonable revelation of God’s Love will propel us into the things of God, simply because our motivations are now anchored in love, not fear. We know how passionately He has loved us, and our corresponding response to that is not something I need to even write. But the awe of God is what will temper us. It will teach us to partner with Him for His Purposes. It will show us where our part ends, and His begins. It will reveal to us that He will contend with those that contend with us. It will etch out the Truth that wherever God calls you, He sustains you. It will illuminate within us a desire to forgive, let go and let Him.

Let Him provide. Let Him fight. Let Him win, because He already has the Victory.

All we have to do is walk in the freedom and victory that He has already purchased for us at Calvary which is something that we get to do with a hybrid of both, an awe and an affection towards Him.

Personally, I am beginning to experience an awe of who He is as He is slowly revealing to me that He is who He says He is. INVINCIBLE! And He will do what He says He will do. UNDEFEATED!

In the midst of our brokenness, He is wholeness. In the midst of our darkness, He is Light. In the midst of despair, He is Hope. In the midst of chaos, He is peace. In the midst of confusion, He is promise. In the midst of famine, He is provision. In the midst of death, He is Life. In the midst of life, He is Eternity.

He may take His time in the process, because the fulfillment of promise has more to do with who we are becoming than the intended outcome. God always honors our obedience. So as we steadfastly continue to believe Him for things that seem exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond what we could ever dream, imagine or think, I hope and pray that we will do so with a mixture of both:

Awe and affection.

So be it.

Are we Alive?

“The question is not if Jesus is alive in us, the question is are we alive to Jesus alive in us?”

Love, truth, grace, mercy, forgiveness and compassion are not just what we receive from God in and through our relationship with Christ Jesus, but also what we carry as a result of it. The moment we are born again, we are are quickened by The Spirit of God to the things of God. We become pregnant with Promise and co-heirs with Christ. We are seated at the right hand of The Father in Heavenly places with Christ Jesus as Sons and Daughters of The Most High God. In short, by “coming to” ourselves we embark upon a journey of “becoming” ourselves.

When we receive Jesus, we not only receive salvation for our souls for all Eternity, but also the privilege of outworking that salvation through the power of The Holy Spirit ALIVE on the inside of us. The same Spirit that raised Christ Jesus from the dead now dwells within us. So, the question is not if Jesus is alive in us, because He is; the question is are WE alive to Jesus alive in us?

What do I mean by that? Let’s try and unpack this together.

Jesus is the very embodiment of Agape Love, unceasing Grace, unreasonable Forgiveness, unfathomable Joy, unrelenting Mercy. As His chosen vessels, we thus become instruments in the Hands of God to extend the same that we have received extravagantly to the world we find ourselves positioned in, whether it is family, marriage, business, workplace, community or neighborhood. The degree to which we allow ourselves to be schooled by the Holy Spirit, thereby birthing the fruits of the Holy Spirit ( love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control) is the degree to which we will be able to extend the same to our neighbors and become increasingly transformed and conformed to the image of Christ. This is both, the strength and the supreme delight of our walk with The Lord: the process of transformation.

Where we once succumbed to the lusts and passions of this world at the expense of how it was damaging our souls, we are now convicted by the Holy Spirit; but it is entirely upto us to obey or override. The more we learn to obey when God is dealing with the issues of our heart, the quicker we pass the test and graduate to the next level. Where we once would have easily lost our temper, now the Spirit of The Living God intervenes and gives us both, the strength and the willingness to choose better. As we slowly yield and surrender, we will find ourselves in the midst of a journey that only goes from glory to glory.

The Bible puts it like this,

” The way of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, which shines ever brighter until the full light of day.”

This verse clearly talks of “the way” of the righteous. I believe that if we are to truly experience the fullness of the life that God has in store for us, then we will have made a truly smart decision to yield to “the way” of The Holy Spirit, honoring and co-partnering with what God is doing IN us and then THROUGH us. The more Christ-like we allow Him to make us, the more He will be able to use us as hands and feet of Jesus in the Earth, needless to say that opportunities, resources and relationships will inevitably follow and find us. We are all familiar with what I will quote once again because this Truth etched out in our inmost being is able to unleash EVERYTHING that God has put on our hearts,

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

I believe the deeper we allow the Holy Spirit to go in us, the more The Father is able to trust us; trust us with greater blessings, favor and finances. To be a good steward on the level we are on is a prerequisite before He elevates us to the next. And the only way to be a good steward of time, talent and treasure is to have allowed ourselves to be humble enough to learn from who I consider the greatest Teacher on planet Earth – The Holy Spirit of God.

It is The Holy Spirit that we are sealed with who teaches us to reach out or hold back, to to speak up or exercise restraint, to go forth with marching orders or stand still and watch the salvation of The Lord. He is our Friend, Comforter and Counselor- things that we too ought to feel like to the world around and about us. He is Jesus ALIVE in us. But the question that persists is simply this: are we alive to Him?

Because if we are, then we would know what it is to forgive that person we have held a grudge against for far too long, to love that person who seems a tad bit too difficult to handle, to show genuine empathy to that friend who has had to endure an illness that was both, unexpected and too long extended, to reach out with compassion to that co-worker whose marriage that seemed to possess much promise for the future simply fell apart without caution; in short, to be salt and light in a lost and broken world.

Bill Johnson puts it like this,

“The Holy Spirit is in you and He wants out. He is in you as a river, not a lake.”

Rivers flow, lakes are rather still. Rivers merge with one another, lakes are rather self-contained. Rivers symbolize movement, lakes exemplify placidity. And Jesus promised us that out of our innermost being will flow continually RIVERS of living water.

Friends, let us not restrict the flow that God has begun in and through our lives. The more alive we are to the Truth that Jesus is alive within us , and the more we allow Him to work through us, guess what the inevitable outcome will be?

We will see more of Jesus AROUND us.


The Last Word

“Let Love have the last word, because love never has to have the last word.”

Agape Love is usually defined as the unconditional Love of God that comes with no strings attached. It finds us just the way we are, joyfully accepts us and gently molds us. We have all tasted of it and it has undoubtedly bought our hearts over. But to me personally, an expression of The Father’s Love is also the truth that He fights for us. He goes to war for us. He works behind the scenes all things together for our good and His Glory. He never quits. He never gives up. He is a Fighter.

As His chosen ones, we have the unique privilege of being vessels that get to carry and extend this love in our spheres of influence. Ours is a message of Love, Grace, Hope, Mercy and Eternity. We may share this message with the best of intentions, but may not always receive the desired response. In fact, in the beginning, we may just be met with sheer indifference or perhaps even rejection. However, will we let such responses that are subject to change whenever He so desires deter us from continuing to love?

The Bible says,

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.”

I love the fact that love never fails. When we look up the fruits of The Holy Spirit, the first to be mentioned is love, and the kind of love that really reaches the hearts of our near and dear ones is the kind of love that simply loves without ANY agenda. It is the kind of love that meets people where they are and helps them at their point of need. It is the kind of love that fosters trust and creates an atmosphere of safety that inspires vulnerability from both sides. It is the kind of love that never forces its way into another’s life, rather presents itself as an open invitation to a greater encounter. It is the kind of love with which Jesus loves us.

Safe. Secure. Stable. Sound. Steadfast.

A natural expression of this love would be to share The Good News and point our people to the Truth which is able to set them free. But in our haste to get across, let us not lose ourselves. Let us simply accept we are only instruments in the Hands of God, who loves His People more than we can fathom. The Word says we were all formed and created for His Glory. He desires them and is well able to draw them close. As I write, I’m reminded of what the very well known worship leader, Steffany Gretzinger shared in one of her podcasts. Speaking of her anxiety to usher in the Presence of God in a room flooded with His flock, she heard Jesus’s gentle whisper calm her distraught soul,

“I’m so much better at being found than you are at introducing me.”

To carry out our mandate in the Earth, we will have to take to heart both, the simplicity and the profundity of this simple revelation from The Lord. Seekers will always find, and those who don’t, we will love nonetheless because, as I often say, love is not what we do. It is who we are.

In our interactions with our loved ones, let us make use of every opportunity to point to The One that has sent us in the first place. He is Immanuel – God WITH us. So, no matter what the outcome of our exchange looks like in the natural, we can trust that the supernatural is already at work. Jesus promises us,

“Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

It is not just us going in the strength of our human wisdom, but it is us going in the power of His Anointing that counts. As His Children, we are backed by Heaven’s resources, Heaven’s Protection and Heaven’s Favor. Our part is to love our people enough to point them to The Truth, and trust God to do what ONLY He can do. The Bible tells us that He is constantly at work. Hence, we can rest.

Rest in the assurance that as the hands and feet of The One who saved us, we can love our people enough to hear them out, give them their time and space, but continue to pray and believe for them, even when they can’t believe for themselves yet. Tracing back my own journey, Jesus never gave up on me. And He will never give up on you, nor on the ones you’re believing for. They are first, HIS and then ours. Let us always let that truth keep us sober.

I call you and me, “love” with a small L. Our love, at its best, is just that. But what gives us confidence is that Our Father honors whatever it is that we have and backs it up. He sees you and me make strides for His Glory, and He is well pleased. He sees how we reach out to point the prodigals back Home, and He goes to war. I write this because in our various interactions with the people God has brought into our lives, there will be plenty of opportunity to argue, debate or contest. But friends, our world is not a courtroom, but a giant neighborhood full of people that are delightfully different and will inevitably test our patience, needless to say, our love. If we truly trust the nature and character, the power and might, the splendor and majesty, and to put it in a word, the “invincibility” of Our King, we would not be shaken. We would be content in doing our part, and letting Him know that we trust Him enough to let go of that which is beyond us but well within The Father’s Sovereign Reign. We do not have to let our delicate love handle that which only a revelation of His Gigantic Love can do. We get to participate for sure, but that is also where we learn to let go and let God.

A thought which brings me back to what I first began with,

“Let Love have the last word, because love never has to have the last word,”