Yes, He is👑

Just the song to sing when our hearts and voice reverberate with a crescendo of worship that moves the very heart of Heaven!❤️

Thanksgiving 2019!

With Thanksgiving just 8 days away, I thought it appropriate to seize this time frame as an opportunity for us to individually and corporately, remember the times that we have tangibly experienced The Goodness of God this year.

Times where we felt lost only to know that in Him, we really never are.

Times when we thought there was no way only to see Him make one that in the limited confines of our natural human comprehension, we perhaps would have never even conceived of.

Times when we found ourselves between a rock and a hard place only to experience Him as our Comforter.

Times when we felt it was the end of our own ability only to have God reintroduce us to the power of His Sovereignty.

Times when we felt we had reached a dead end only to see that it was an invitation to a new beginning.

Times when nothing in the natural satisfied till Heaven breathed again and His Voice brought us back to life.

Times when we felt our times were out of control only to have Him gently whisper, “Your times are in My Hands and the steps of a good man are ordered by The Lord.”

Times …

So friends, as we sense a much anticipated change in the air,it’s perhaps only natural to let our praise pave the way towards the new era that God is ushering us into, an era of fresh blessings and favour that will leave us in awe, wonder and astonishment at The Greatness of Our Great God!

All my love across❤️

The beginning towards the end!

The year has gone by swifter than wind, and as the year pulls us towards its close, ever so gently, I want to take a momentand pray over us,

“Heavenly Father, You know everything, the end from the beginning. You’re alpha and omega. You’re our all in all, the Special One who fills in the spaces in between with the Grace of Your Presence and the Kindness of Your Love. We thank You, Father for all the lessons we have had a chance to glean wisdom from this year. They are now arrows in our quiver that have equipped us to be the light in those places that you in Your Infinite Wisdom have purposefully placed us in. We pray you grant us hearts saturated with Heaven’s wisdom, strategy and strength that we may work with you as You lead us on towards the breakthroughs that we have been contending for, whether in the secret place or whether in the secret petitions of our hearts. We will still our hearts with child like trust in Your Sovereignty and simultaneously partner with You like the much loved children that we are in order that we grow into the full stature of who You had in mind when you created us. We glorify You in this place, Father and we pray that you breathe afresh on our hearts, minds and souls with fresh grace and renewed strength. Thank You, Father. We love You!”

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,


P.s. : Thank you, friends for partnering along! Much love❤️

Thank you, friends❤️

Taking a moment in time to pause and say thank you to each one of you blessed friends who have ever taken the time to read a post, send an encouragement or at times, even prayer .. I am most delighted to see that as surely as God blesses me with His Words of love, life and liberty; He seems to be having a way to get across to each and every one of His Sons and Daughters in order that we may shine our light in the tiny corners of the world we find ourselves in, all because we seek to point to The Light without whom none of this would be possible, but simply because He chose to shine, perhaps we can too☀️Hallelujah 🙌🏻

Salt and Light.

“I am Your Child before I am Your Church.”

The more I walk with The Lord, the more I realize how much He values relationship. He will allow situations and circumstances to manifest, and then invite us to listen to His Voice in order that we may discern what it is that His Spirit is doing in and through the manifested circumstances. I am slowly coming to a point where I recognize that the stronger my relationship with Him, the more I am in sync with Him which allows me to see, think and act the way He does in order to see His will manifest in through whatever it is that I may be experiencing. Perhaps, this is the reason we call our lives as believers a grand adventure with The Lord.

The way we were drawn into a relationship with Jesus is the way it is sustained. His Love is what won our hearts over, and it still is His Love which continues to. In a world rife with chaos and turmoil, we are often spurred to be the salt and light. After all, that is what Jesus has called us to be, and my journey reveals to me that the extent to which we allow ourselves to bask in His Light is the extent to which we can authentically be the light in our tiny part of the world. So, before I “do” anything, I am slowly learning the vital importance of “being” in His Presence. I love how The Bible makes this clear,

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature.” (2 Corinthians 5:17, King James Bible)

This leads me to believe that God is more interested in our “being,” than our “doing,” for He understands that from the overflow of our fellowship will inevitably flow the desire, the resolve and the power to be the salt and light. This is where our striving ends, and our surrender to Him puts us in a place of being able to receive like a child, and as a child. This where we learn to receive His perfect love, unconditional acceptance and matchless grace. This is where we encounter Presence and allow it to transform us into a Child that knows how to host it. This is where our weakness meets His Strength. This is where our wounds begin to heal and our souls finds revival. This is where our hearts start to melt as His Love begins to well up from deep within. This is where authentic transformation in Christ begins.

My experience tells me that our journey is purely relational and transformational, the fruit of which is for the world to savor. We can give only to the extent we receive. It is therefore, important to realize that the foremost thing is to receive the love, the grace, the mercy, the forgiveness, the kindness and the goodness of God in fullness and abundance every single day of our lives. This not only keeps us tethered to His Presence, but takes us deeper and deeper into a relational walk with Him; from the abundance of which can freely flow the goodness that our world needs to see and receive.

As His Child, I first want to receive His Love first thing in the morning. I want to allow His Love to heal me, strengthen me, lead me, guide me and then, compel me. I want to let my “being” with Him define my “doing.” I want to yield more and more to the leading of His Spirit as opposed to what I may have thought is the best way to lead my day. I want Him to take centerstage in my life so that every move and every decision is assured of a favorable outcome. I want to first feel His Heart towards me, and then let that heart reach those that are near to me.

So, I told Him last night that I was first His Child, and then His Church. I want to be the lamp that He can put on a lampstand, but first I want to taste of His Love and Light that can be found only when hidden within His splendor shadow. I want to be the salt and light, but first I want to be salted and lit up from within. I want to be a world changer, but first I need my inside world changed. I want to be sheep among the wolves, but first I want to know what it is to be shepherded well. I want to be who He has called me to be, but first I want to encounter The One who has called me in the first place.

I guess what I’m trying to say is quite simple. In our walk with Christ, our foremost responsibility is to value our relationship over anything else. It is in the relationship that we forge that we get to know Him, and the more we know Him, the more we know ourselves and what it is that we are called to. As I write, the words of Jesus, after His Resurrection as He promised The Holy Spirit to His disciples, come to mind;

“I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high.” (Luke 24:49, NIV)

It is abundantly clear that the more we receive “power from on high,” the more we are empowered to be who He calls us to be: the salt and light of the world, His Children and then, His Church.

So be it.



“It is not a performance based spirituality, it is a love based response.”

I used to be a very performance driven individual. Always wanting to achieve more and never feeling content with all the abundance that God had already bestowed upon me, I feel that I can trace that back to a need for Identity. However, having surrendered my life to Christ, I have since embarked upon a soul saving, mind renewing, life changing adventure. God blessed me with an appetite for His Word which brought healing to my bones and strength to my soul. The Bible says that the entrance of God’s Word gives light. All I had to do was to learn to bask in it.

I learned the vital importance of letting the Truth of what HE says about me override all else. I still have journals that I filled with His Word, the only thing that brought me closer and closer to a fuller revelation of my Identity in Christ. I began to learn that I am loved so much that Jesus didn’t even flinch when He took The Cross not just for me, but as me. Having nailed all my sin and shame, my limitations and shortcomings, my weaknesses and failures; He died. But after three days, we all know He rose again.

What His resurrection means for us personally is something I am intrigued to know more and more. Lately, I have had a feeling that it means so much that my tiny, finite mind cannot even grasp the fullness of. However, what it does testify to is the truth that we are now sons daughters of The Living God. He loves us perfectly, with a love so pure that the only response to it is, love itself.

It is by Grace that I have received these revelations and pray that I continue to grow in them. It is Perfect Love that declares we are the righteousness of God in Christ. We are enough, just the way we are. I have understated it, for God’s Word says that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” God takes immense pleasure in us. Not even remotely concerned with where we come from, He is solely focused on who we are becoming. This process of becoming is a life long adventure with The Lord, but I think the foundation needs to be securely anchored in Perfect Love.

I feel strongly about this because I’m just about beginning to experience it as the Love which casts out fear and as the Love which drives out the need to perform to be accepted, simply because we are beautifully cherished in The Beloved of God – Jesus Christ. His Love takes us the way we are, but is too faithful to leave us the same way. We may come to Him with traumas, hurts, wounds so deep that it seems hopeless, but The Lord turns it all around, slowly but surely. He invades our inner space with unfathomable peace, uncontainable joy, enduring patience, steadfast kindness, and unrivalled majesty. He takes our pain and translates it into a Purpose. He gives us spiritual gifts and talents to equip and empower us to fulfill the hope of the calling we have received. He gives us a heart of flesh and puts a new spirit within us. He chooses us in His Mercy, and uses us in His Majesty.

Friends, we all have a unique brand of brokenness and The Lord is not surprised nor intimidated by it. He knew us before He laid the foundations of The Earth and His Love towards us remains unchanging. He formed us with affection that we never can earn or deserve, but only receive by Grace. I believe we need to receive it on a daily basis because if God loves a cheerful giver, I’m guessing He is one. He waits for us to come to Him so we learn to live from a place that is not defined by our performance, how well we seem to be doing or not; rather we learn to live from a place that is only defined by The Perfect Love of God which makes no demands, but longs to be accepted for the treasure that it is.

Once accepted, the deposits then made are finer than pure gold.

Together, let’s receive it and let’s experience it.