An oasis of Grace

Times that feel like we’re walking on eggshells
Are actually times that we’re walking on water
Times we doubt, we begin to sink
But immediately You reach out Your Hand before we reach the brink.

Your exhortation to have faith
Is an invitation into a journey
Unknown yet secure
For it’s held within Your Hands quite safely.

One day at a time we take it
Feeling Your pulse like You feel ours
Only want to remain in sync
With Your Love that is the very song we sing.

Things may change
So we ask for grace
For Your promises remain unyielding
And our lives, you are still building.

Keep us dreaming with You, Lord
To see healing and restoration
For Your Heart planted the garden we live in
So would You redeem us from this tailspin?

1st April, 2020

Because You hung on a tree
Now You flow like a river through me
Taking away my fears
And blessing me with tranquility.

You grant me favour every place I need
Making provisions and keeping promises
The ground of my heart You knead
Making it soft, supple and in line with Your loving verses.

With Your Covenant fastened to Eternity
I let myself be pliable
For as we now journey
You’re birthing a new thing in me.

You prepare me for what You have prepared for me
A Good Good Father
With deep intentionality
Do You take me from glory to glory.

I hang on to You
Your Perfect Love reigning in me
Times will change I know
So I trust You with the timing.


Be still and know

Don’t be distracted
And be anxious for nothing
Trust in Jehovah
For His Love has taken over.

He intervenes right on time
But can we be still meanwhile?
Reflecting on His unfailing faithfulness
And reminding ourselves of His unchangingness.

Tests may come
But only to reveal the gold hidden deep within
For we are salt and light
That shine only when it is a bit grim.

The sun will shine again
But we don’t postpone our joy to one day when
This is the day The Lord has made
So we will rejoice and pay attention.

To His Voice
Which drowns out all the noise
Cuts through the dark
For His Love never misses the mark.


Like a flock of birds
That fly overhead
Is the covering of Your canopy
Over us as we follow in Your stead.

The sky could be dark
But You will change it to a pleasant crimson
For the mercies of Your Grace are stark
Changing everything for You are Risen.

So we cannot be dead
And choose a better stance instead
We rise to the occasion
And glorify You until You settle the equation.

You paid a price for our Freedom
And promise to work all things for our good and Your glory
So help us to look beyond the immediate
And fix our gaze on The Ultimate.

More real than the world we are in
So we get down on our knees
We pray, we intercede
And let You intervene so the rest shall be history.

All to the praise of Your Glory!


You announce Your Presence
Bold and unafraid
Standing tall, yet humble
For a King like You needs no parade.

They may have expected a lot of fanfare
But You came as a babe
Wrapped in swaddling clothes
Your one purpose being to fulfil your oaths.

The ones You took before time began
With Our Father, to redeem all humanity
To reconcile, transform and mould
All that love You into the image of The One who carries all the glory.

You were hidden in obscurity
Most of Your lifetime here
Yet You retained Your integrity
For Your Purpose had a timing to which You had to adhere.

But when the time did come
You made history, and rearranged our Destiny
Took our pain and sorrow
Rose again with the hope of a brighter morrow.

In the light of Your sacrifice, we live with a hope unmoved
Our feet planted on solid ground, lifting our hands to You
Calling on Your Name to feel Your Presence again
Gently wrapping it up with a warm, “Amen.”