The beginning towards the end!

The year has gone by swifter than wind, and as the year pulls us towards its close, ever so gently, I want to take a momentand pray over us,

“Heavenly Father, You know everything, the end from the beginning. You’re alpha and omega. You’re our all in all, the Special One who fills in the spaces in between with the Grace of Your Presence and the Kindness of Your Love. We thank You, Father for all the lessons we have had a chance to glean wisdom from this year. They are now arrows in our quiver that have equipped us to be the light in those places that you in Your Infinite Wisdom have purposefully placed us in. We pray you grant us hearts saturated with Heaven’s wisdom, strategy and strength that we may work with you as You lead us on towards the breakthroughs that we have been contending for, whether in the secret place or whether in the secret petitions of our hearts. We will still our hearts with child like trust in Your Sovereignty and simultaneously partner with You like the much loved children that we are in order that we grow into the full stature of who You had in mind when you created us. We glorify You in this place, Father and we pray that you breathe afresh on our hearts, minds and souls with fresh grace and renewed strength. Thank You, Father. We love You!”

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,


P.s. : Thank you, friends for partnering along! Much love❤️

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