Conversations with Christ.

“The strength of my journey is in how You talk me through it, and not just walk me through it.”

When God gives us a promise, more often than not, it embarks us upon a process and a walk with The Lord that when yielded to with a brave and trusting heart, possesses the potential to change us for the better, forevermore. In my experience thus far, the promise towards a circumstantial/relational resolution is only an invitation to allow God to do a deep work in us, which perhaps is not something we shout about instantly, but later, as The Word promises, is sure to yield a crown of life to those that love The Lord.

As I have received a promise for my life, I have recognized that as His Child, I can put the outcome in His Hands, while simultaneously seeking Him to give me the wisdom and discernment that I need to see how it is that He is using the process to change me from one degree of glory to another. God’s goal is simple: to make us Christlike. The situations and circumstances that come our way are only tools in His Hands to improve us and upgrade us, depending on our willingness to surrender to the process of allowing Him to forge the character of His Son on the inside of us.

It is His Love that finds us the way we are, but takes a hold of us gently yet firmly, with a devoted commitment to transform us from strength to strength. For me, it is in the process that I find my strength because I find Christ in it. It is in the candid conversations we have that I experience the beautiful divine exchange of my thoughts for His Truth. Where I want instant gratification, He knows what I need – transformation.

He knows that I need to replace fear with love, and anger with patience. He knows I need to learn to have rest and trust in the middle of the mystery. He knows I need to know Him as both, my best friend that sticks closer than a brother as well as The Lord of lords who is forever, invincible. It is His Lordship that guarantees the outcome, and it is His Friendship that keeps me close. Clearly, as Graham Cooke puts it,

“The One who knows us best, loves us best.”

As believers in Christ, it is a pure privilege to have an ongoing series of conversations with Him as we walk towards our reward and promise. Truth be told, Jesus Himself is our greatest reward. His constancy in companionship is an eternal treasure that nothing can stand against. Revelations of who He is and who we are becoming as a result of being in relationship with Him are what form the substratum of our journey with The Lord. His Love gives us the strength to persevere and His Grace empowers us in our weakness.

My own personal walk with Jesus has seen Him give loving assurances of His Promise each time I have felt daunted by doubt or unbelief. Every such assurance has never ceased to bring a smile to my face and light up my soul. He has his own ways to affirm us, the sanctity of which I feel we must cherish with all our heart. It is these tiny yet significant assurances that become arrows in our quiver as we continue to walk towards our promise, unabated.

Friends, conversations with Christ change us. They make us more and more sensitive to the still, small voice within. They begin to reveal the character of God to us. They keep us in sync with the leading of The Holy Spirit. They teach us to open our hearts to The Only One who knows how to take our vulnerability and lovingly translate it into strength. They begin to become the prime motivation behind our willingness to obey, for they are a response of love to Love. They slowly reveal to us the truth that the strength of our journey lies not in an intended outcome, rather in the process of communing with The One who is both, the author and the finisher of our faith.


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