Set Free

“Let the Voice of God, and not the validation of man be your seat of motivation.”

I believe in digging deep, deep into the Father Heart of God and allowing His Spirit, to in turn, dig deep within the crevices of my own mind, soul and spirit. More often than not, each time I yield and allow Him to gain access to these spaces on the inside of me, He not only heals and restores, strengthens and makes whole; but also burns a desire in my heart to want to extend the same invitation to those that are around and about me. The Word puts it like this,

“When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.”

The world today is submerged in grave issues like human trafficking, poverty, famine, environmental degradation, racial discrimination, bullying, violence and the list seems endless. The situation may seem hopeless, but for a people who have been entrusted with The Spirit of God, it is the right hour to wake up from our slumber and get going so we can redirect traffic and set people on a street called straight. It is for such a time as this that God has raised up His Sons and Daughters: to shine as lights in dark spaces, illuminating everything around and warming everything within.

However, responding to the call of God on our lives at such a critical time in history will require something of us. It will require us to put selfish ambition on the altar, and instead, devote our time and resources to fulfilling Godly ambition, an ambition that is rooted in what His heart beats for: love, kindness, mercy, compassion, understanding , justice and restoration. I understand that when we look at the magnitude of the problems confronting us, it is easy to get discouraged or even complacent. It is easy to entertain thoughts like, “what difference can I possibly make?” But the truth is that we are all a part of The Body Of Christ for a reason. I love the analogy The Bible gives us. The foot cannot be a hand, and the ear cannot be an eye. As each organ in the human body has a specific role, so it is with us. The unique contribution YOU can make, whether it is praying for your nation, contributing to abolishing slavery, having conversations with your children to create awareness, speaking words of Truth and affirmation over a struggling teen, volunteering some time at a nearby NGO, reading The Bible to a prison inmate, or simply hi-fiving that kid you just crossed paths with for no rhyme or reason; are contributions that ONLY you can make in the way you can make them. And when you really set your heart to it, the opportunities will present themselves. All that you need to do is say, “Yes!”

At times, obedience to God can look like rebellion to man. But if you know deep down that it is the Voice of The Father that is beckoning you to step outside your comfort zone and take baby steps or make gigantic strides to advance the cause of The Kingdom, then my encouragement to you is simple. Say yes.

And as you do, hold this truth close to your heart. Your efforts may be unapplauded, but they aren’t insignificant. You may seem obscure, but you’re fully known by The One who doesn’t miss a thing. You may not be affirmed or validated by man, but you can be rest assured that Heaven is cheering you on.

Pursuing the purposes of God in our generation is made possible when we have really done the work of going deeper within ourselves and identifying answers to questions like, “what draws me,” “what defines me,” “what inspires me,” “what motivates me?” If the motivation is authentic, the fruit is glorious. The applause of man remains inconsequential as our soul is set free to soar in the direction we know God is calling us to.

I also believe that when we truly follow His Voice and allow Him to be the sole reason behind doing whatever it is that we do, rewards follow. The Word assures us that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. He is a Father who honors the obedience of His Children. But He is also a Father who tests the motivations of the heart. He does this because He wants our souls to continue to prosper in the freedom that Jesus purchased for us at Calvary. Our corresponding responsibility also rests in allowing Him to prune and heal those areas of our soul that still seek the validation of man in order to feel inspired to do that thing He has called us to. Because the ONLY thing that ought to ever inspire us towards something is The Spirit of the Living God. Earth needs to align with Heaven, and not the other way round.

Friend, I believe God has you reading this for a reason. You were born for greatness, but not necessarily in the way the world would define it. Greatness is often birthed in a manger. Jesus exemplified this truth. Wrapped in humility, nearly three decades of His Life were in absolute obscurity and hiddenness. The accounts we have of His impact are from the three years of public ministry that have forever changed the course of history. I can’t help but wonder had He succumbed to the various temptations that came His way, we would have had a very different story. He was neither swayed by the fleeting praises of man nor moved by their rejection. He knew who He was and whose He was, and I believe that’s what led Him to do all that He did. And as we are His, let us too follow the model He has set for us. It is for our good and His Glory that we allow Him to work within us in a way that sets us free to be who we were designed to be in order that we may do all that we are called to in our lifetime, a work so expansive in its scope that the only way to do it is bit-by-bit and step-by-step, led not by external validation which is here today and gone tomorrow, but by the still, small voice on the inside of us that promises to never leave us nor forsake us.

Because when we are moved by the Voice of God and not the validation of man, we will have tapped into another dimension of our being, a version of ourselves that refuses to be defined by the world, rather letting what defines us define that which is around and about us. This is a journey which will see us lose shackles of wanting to gain acceptance and approval, rather letting the acceptance and approval of Jesus lead us into all that He has called us to touch and transform, a call that I hope and pray each one of us will honor in our lifetime, starting this moment on with a sonorous echo of a truth that continues to reverberate in my spirit,

“Let the Voice of God and not the validation of man be our seat of motivation.”



2 thoughts on “Set Free

  1. Another powerful message! May the Holy Spirit continue to fill you to overflowing that you can continue to write these messages based on His truth, His grace and the power of His Holy Spirit. Your words are an encouragement to keep on seeking the Lord, not for earthly applause, but for the joy of knowing Him more! Love these lines:
    Your efforts may be unapplauded, but they aren’t insignificant. You may seem obscure, but you’re fully known by The One who doesn’t miss a thing. You may not be affirmed or validated by man, but you can be rest assured that Heaven is cheering you on.
    Keep writing, sister! Praying for God’s blessings over you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Melissa, you’re a darling sister in Christ to me and I really Praise God 👑 for using you as a conduit of strength and encouragement into our lives. Thank you for your blessings and prayers! May God meet you at your point of need and fill you to overflowing! In Jesus’ Name Amen👑

      Liked by 1 person

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