“But because we have done nothing, we have everything to do.”

The gift of Salvation in and through the blood of Christ Jesus is just that: a gift. It is something we have done nothing to earn or deserve, but have received as pure Grace. A Grace that found us dead in our transgressions, wrapped up in our brokenness, and desperate for a way out. A Grace that found us looking for solutions to temporal problems, but was lavish enough to bestow upon us Eternal answers. A Grace that rescued us from the dominion of darkness and translated us into His Marvelous Light. A Grace that showed us who we are and more importantly, WHOSE we are. A Grace that gave us promises of a new life, dripping with God’s favor and abundance. A Grace that wiped our slate of sin clean, creating a blank canvass for Our Creator to paint on with the vivid colors that was always His Original Design. A Grace that gives us the courage to open up our wings and soar into the clear, blue unknown. A Grace that gives us access to spiritual blessings we would never even had the wisdom to pray for. A Grace that gives us a new Identity synonymous with “Beloved,” a Purpose in accordance with the heartbeat of Heaven , and a Destiny to belong to that which in the feeble strength of our own good works, we would NEVER have had access to.

But Grace.

Grace that came disguised in the Person of Jesus Christ, as He descended from Eternity to Earth, fully God and fully man, to die a gruesome death on The Cross in order that we may be healed, redeemed, set free and on our way back Home. The Word testifies,

“But He was wounded for our trangressions , He was bruised for our iniquities : the chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and with His stripes, we are healed.”

Grace has bought our freedom for us, and we are no longer in debt because Someone chose to pay it in full.

Clearly, Grace points to the unconditional, uncompromising and unadulterated Love of Our Father. The question then remains is this : what is our response?

Our responses may invariably vary, but I personally believe that the only reasonable response to such Love is to become subtle yet potent extensions of it, extensions which have the potential to touch and transform a lost and hurting world, a world we find ourselves in the midst of, a world that is exhausted by striving in its own strength to make happen that which Grace effortlessly does, a world that is unwittingly looking for answers Grace has already deposited on the inside of us, a world whose Destiny is intertwined with our decision to come into our own. As The Bible clearly states,

“For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.”

It seems to me that the inference here is to implore each of us to begin to manifest our God-ordained Identity as Sons and Daughters that can be trusted to represent the heart of a Loving Father to a world that perhaps has ideas to the contrary, individuals who know what it is to answer the call of being agents of change and transformation in a mundane and stagnant world, people who know how to love well and live lives that point to The Truth which has enabled them to come thus far, in the first place.

Our decision to manifest our true Identity can find expression in different ways, from something as subtle as praying for a loved one to something as dynamic as proclaiming The Good News on a street corner, something as seemingly insignificant as finding significance in cleaning your baby’s diaper to something as formidable as launching a business that can revolutionize an entire industry, something as heartfelt as reaching out to your widowed neighbor to something as tenacious as daring to tread into the uncharted territory you know you were born to conquer.

It could be something tiny or something huge, but it will always be something of great impact, simply because it is revealing the heart of The One who made you to the ones around and about you, thereby allowing you to manifest your Identity as a Son or Daughter. It is my firm conviction that if every soul does it’s part, what we are talking about here has the potential to evolve into a radical movement till the Earth is restored to its promise of being an oasis of peace, a haven of safety and a spring of love.

Tracing our steps back, it won’t take much for us to realize that even the hope of all this to manifest is made possible ONLY because Grace first pursued us, set us free and and made our hearts so whole that the only possible response remains an echo of what God already says in His Word,

“Freely you have received, freely give.”

Suffice to say that a life that Grace has chosen to set free is simultaneously positioned to make great exploits for The Kingdom Of God, exploits that find both origin and definition in the intangibles we call love, grace, truth, mercy and compassion, exploits that can begin anywhere that God has us and eventually be extended to wherever God takes us, exploits that are of Eternal significance because they create and shift things in a realm Our Father cares deeply about, so much so that He sent His Only Son to die a painful death on The Cross, and by His Spirit, rise again, only so that things would never be the same again, but instead be readjusted to the mandate;

“On Earth as it is in Heaven.”

All because Grace first found us, a true revelation and a rich experience of which will leave us all reverberating with the truth encapsulated in the simple phrase He has led me to share,

“But because we have done nothing, we have EVERYTHING to do.”

Grace be with you.

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