“I need You, but You want me.”

When we first come to Christ, it is because of one sole reason. We recognize our need for Him. With colossal masses of brokenness and despair threatening to take us out, it is only natural to respond to an invitation of Love that’s unconditional, Hope that extends all the way into Eternity and Mercy that triumphs over judgement. Surrender doesn’t just remain an option anymore. It guises itself as the beginning of a story of redemption that is going to be written by the hands that created the Heavens and the Earth, yet were pierced to give me the promise of a life beyond my past and a Grace-filled future that finds its way into life everlasting with Our Father in Heaven.

This is a faint glimmer of the divine exchange that happened at Calvary, and can be appropriated by literally anyone who finds themselves lost, hurting, empty or in pain. I’m guessing that sounds like each and every one of our stories. I definitely vouch for mine!

Broken cisterns are what we are, but not what we remain because the divine exchange that we have appropriated finds its way into a life of wholeness in and through a relationship with Jesus. That is why we NEED Him. His Grace that manifests as strength in our weakness, His Love that heals our hearts and binds up our wounds, His Mercy that keeps no record of wrongs, His Presence that is our forever-promise.

Clearly, for a life marred with the pain of rejection, abandonment, abuse, addiction, disease, or any other affliction that life has a propensity to through our way; Jesus is the ONLY ONE who is not only willing, but delights in getting His Hands dirty to sort through our messes and mistakes. He accepts us for just who we are and slowly but surely, begins a work marked by Grace. We come to Him with issues of the heart, mind, body and soul that at times, neither man nor medicine have answers for. If you have walked with Him for any length of time, you can join me in praising Him for the way He takes lost and broken souls and makes them salt and light in a lost and broken world.

Who can do this but God?

Clearly, we NEED Him.

But the best part of this dynamic is that we may need Him, but He? WANTS us.

Heaven is His Throne and the Earth is His footstool. So, I asked Him;

“Why do You want us?”

I believe He said because He recognizes our need for Him. He knows we can’t do this thing called life alone, neither were we designed to. We were always meant to walk with Him in “the cool of the day,” and even when we faltered, He already had a plan of redemption in place to restore us back into a healthy, organic and vibrant relationship with Him. He created us, and loves us enough to woo us back into His Presence which is the only thing where we truly come alive, and begin to manifest who we were originally designed to be.

In my own life experience, the more I have journeyed with Him, the more I have experienced His love heal my broken heart and bring it back to wholeness, the more I have witnessed His Spirit touch and transform me in places that I once had no hope for, the more I have seen His Power and Might make a way where there seemed to be none.

Suffice to say, the more I have sought Him, the more He has revealed Himself. The more He has revealed Himself, the more I have realized the relentless passion with which He loves us, a passion that some crazy kind of way has found its way into my heart. The net result is simple. Where I once needed Him, I still do; except that with every passing day, I find that “need” now begin to become a “want.”

To me, that’s a milestone!

So friends, if this narrative even remotely resonates with you, then together let us lift our voices to Him with one heart and say,

“I don’t just need You, I want You.”

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